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This template should be used in conjunction with templates that accept the |lang= parameter as a deprecated alternative to |1= and have successfully eliminated all such usages. Use is as follows:

{{ {{#if:{{{lang|}}}|deprecated lang param usage|no deprecated lang param usage}}|lang={{{lang|}}}|<TEMPLATE-CALL>}}

If the lang parameter is in usage, this formats the output of the template call with the .deprecated CSS class (which by default displays the output in olive green), precedes it with the text "deprecated use of |lang= parameter", adds a tooltip "This template call uses the deprecated 'lang' parameter. Use '1' instead." and categorizes the page in Category:Pages using deprecated templates. Otherwise, the output is simply returned as normal.

Note: the space between the two sets of {{ at the beginning is mandatory, or else the parser will interpret it as { {{{, which will not work.


  • |1=: The template call.
  • |lang=: Pass-through of the |lang= parameter.

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