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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:dsb-noun. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


This template generates headword-lines for Lower Sorbian nouns. It should only be used at the lemma entry, which is usually at the singular nominative form.

  • Mandatory unnamed arguments:
    1. The gender; either m, f, n, or p. (p being for pluralia tantum; ordinary plurals shouldn't use this template.)
  • Sometimes-mandatory named arguments:
    • |sort= — the category sort-key, needed if the pagename contains any letters with diacritics. Since automatic sorting is done by Module:languages, this parameter should almost never be necessary
  • Optional named arguments:
    • |gen= — the genitive (if irregular)
    • |dual= — the dual (if irregular)
    • |pl= — the plural (if irregular)
    • |dim= — the diminutive (if any)
    • |f= — the feminine equivalent (if any; only applicable if gender is m)
    • |m= — the masculine equivalent (if any; only applicable if gender is f)