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el-adj-comp m


This template is used to create the headword-line for the comparative forms of Greek adjectives.

It has 2 optional arguments or parameters:

  1. The first, unnamed, is for the transliteration (the representation of the Greek word in roman letters). Please refer to Wiktionary:Greek transliteration for the standard values to be used.
  2. stem is used to form the feminine and neuter forms.
for example


       αβλαβέστερος ‎(avlavésterosm,   feminine: αβλαβέστερη (avlavésteri), neuter: αβλαβέστερο (avlavéstero)

or {{el-adj-comp}}

       αβλαβέστερος ‎(avlavésterosm

  • Transliteration is now carried out automatically, any tr or unnamed arguments will be ignored.