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inflection of term (term):

This template has not been tested in all its permutations.


To display the "form-of" definition for Greek verb forms, for example:

{{el-form-of-verb|ορίζω|pers=2s|tense=past}} gives:

{{el-form-of-verb|ορίζω|gloss=you defined|pers=2s|tense=past}} gives:

Other templates:
{{el-verb-form}} the headword-line template for forms of Greek verbs.


Unnamed variable
The single, unnamed variable is the lemma form of the verb
Named variables (all optional)
pers: variable for person and number combinations
1s first-person singular
2s second-person singular
3s third-person singular
1p first-person plural
2p second-person plural
3p third-person plural
tense: variable to display the following tenses
present/pres present tense present continuous, imperfective present
past simple past aorist, preterite, perfective past
imperfect/imperf imperfect continuous past, imperfective past
future1 future simple future, perfective future
future-cont/fut-c1 future future continuous, imperfective future
dependent/dep dependent aorist subjunctive
mood (the indicative is ignored/assumed)
imp-i imperfective imperative imperfective aspect ("be giving!")
imp-p perfective imperative perfective aspect ("give!")
imp imperative
subj subjunctive
voice: (Used for basic entry of passive verbs)
act Active voice
pass Passive voice
gloss (gloss2, gloss3)
The English translation for a definition of the verb (eg: "they were going"). Two extra optional forms are available.
Any value will depress the end of line full stop.
1. Only in exceptional cases should complete future forms of verbs (eg θα έχετε (tha échete)) be created as separate entries.