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el-pron m


This template is used to display the headword/inflection line for Greek pronouns.


There is one optional positional argument which may have the following values:

  • ind for indeclinable terms (the discontinued inv works, but is discouraged)
  • - (a hyphen) for use in miscellaneous or 'undecided' cases
Omitting this will result in the m label, other genders should follow as shown below

There is are optional named arguments, which may be placed in any position:

  • |f= for the feminine form
  • |n= for the neuter form
  • |desc= for the description, if any, for the pronoun type


In each case the sample text is followed by its output:

Indeclinable terms[edit]


  • καθετί (indeclinable)
with description

{{el-pron|ind|desc=indefinite or universal}}

  • καθετί (indeclinableindefinite or universal

Declinable terms[edit]

{{el-pron|head=άλλος|n=άλλο|f=άλλη|desc=indefinite, contrastive}}

Other terms[edit]


  • αλλήλων