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feminine form of term

Use this template to show the simple definition for an entry that is the feminine inflection of a primary entry.

Use in the definition line:

# {{feminine of| }}
The language code should be specified using |lang=code.
The script code can be specified using |sc=code.
The transliteration of a non-Latin-script term can be specified using |tr=transliteration.

E.g., on "buena":

# {{feminine of|bueno|lang=es}}


  1. feminine form of bueno

For plural entries that should show an alternate version of the singular term to which they link, use the optional second parameter:

# {{feminine of| | }}

The same can be done in any instance in which the displayed term should be different from the linked-to term. Note that users can customize how the output of this template displays by modifying their monobook.css files. See “Form of” templates for details.