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This template is used in the bibliographic information for a quotation. When linking to Google Books, Google often provides long, ugly URLs with a lot of extra information and unneeded clutter. As long as you know the page number and the word you would like to highlight, just provide the Google Book ID (e.g. "C2BhatzMiMwC") from the URL, and the template will create the link for you. You can either use named parameters in any order, like:


which evaluates to:


or put ID, page number, and highlighted word in order, like:


which evaluates to:


For multi-word items, simply separate each word with a pipe, and the whole phrase will be highlighted, like:




Google's URL uses a different system for the Roman numeral page numbers before the regular numbered pages in the book. You will see "PR" instead of "PA" in the URL if this is the case. Use the parameter "pgR=" for quotations in these pages. You wil probably also have to use the "altpg=" parameter to make the displayed page number (e.g., "xxii") different from the page number in the URL (e.g., "22"), like: