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he-proper noun

This is the inflection-line template for Hebrew proper nouns.


wv= or dwv=
The lemma form with niqúd (vowel diacritics), for display; use dwv= ("defective, with vowels") if the spelling with vowels drops some letters, otherwise use just wv= ("with vowels")
A transliteration of the headword into the Latin alphabet, as described at Wiktionary:About Hebrew. If this is omitted, the article is added to Category:Hebrew terms needing transliteration.
The gender: m for masculine, f feminine, or mf for both. If omitted the page is added to Category:Hebrew terms with incomplete gender.
The number, if other than singular, p for plural or rarely d for dual
pausal, pausalwv, pausaltr
The biblical Hebrew pausal form, form with vowels, and form in transliteration