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of [[{{{1}}}#Hungarian|{{{1}}}]]

This template was developed for use on the definition line of inflected forms of Hungarian nouns and adjectives.

The following tags are available for shortcut use in entering descriptions:

Case names:

nom = nominative
dat = dative
acc = accusative
ins = instrumental
cfin = causal-final
temp = temporal
tran = translative
term = terminative
efor = essive-formal
emod = essive-modal
ine = inessive
spe = superessive
ade = adessive
ill = illative
sub = sublative
all = allative
ela = elative
del = delative
abl = ablative


s = singular
p = plural

Possessive forms use the following tags:

pos = possessive
1s = first-person singular, singular possession
2s = second-person singular, singular possession
3s = third-person singular, singular possession
4s = first-person plural, singular possession
5s = second-person plural, singular possession
6s = third-person plural, singular possession
1p = first-person singular, plural possession
2p = second-person singular, plural possession
3p = third-person singular, plural possession
4p = first-person plural, plural possession
5p = second-person plural, plural possession
6p = third-person plural, plural possession

If a noun form has both possessive and case endings (e.g. kertemben - in my garden), use the case ending format. The possessive ending will be handled in the possessive entry:

  • kert - garden (lemma)
  • kertben - in the garden (lemma + case ending)
  • kertem - my garden (possessive form)
  • kertemben - in my garden (possessive form + case ending)

A translation of the base word can be provided through the parameter tr.


Example 1: kertben - in the garden

{{hu-inflection of|kert|ine|s}}
  inessive singular of kert

Example 2: kertem - my garden

{{hu-inflection of|kert|pos|1s}}
  possessive first-person singular, singular possession of kert

Example 3: kertemben - in my garden

{{hu-inflection of|kertem|ine|s}}
  inessive singular of kertem