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In appendices that contain lists of headwords and definitions, this template returns a headword.

Additionally, this template also always generates a link to the respectives talk and citations page.

If the respective entry exists, a link to it is automatically displayed too. If the entry does not exist, no link is shown because the software does not known whether or not it should eventually exist.


This template uses only unnamed parameter, that is the headword.

Therefore, simply add this where necessary, including the initial semicolon for better readability in comparison with definitions that begin with a colon. Finally, just replace the last blank space with a headword:

;{{item| }}


For an appendix that uses this template extensively, see Appendix:The Legend of Zelda.

For a simple example, see below.

:{{qualifier|proper noun}} A fictional [[language]] understood by [[snake]]s.
(proper noun) A fictional language understood by snakes.