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lv-noun ? (??? please provide the declension type!)

A template to format the headword line for Latvian nouns.

Form: {{lv-noun|1|2|irr=xxx|f=xxx|m=xxx}}

  • 1 (first argument) = m (= masculine), f (= feminine), m-p (= masculine plural), f-p (= feminine plural), mf (= masculine or feminine), fm (= feminine or masculine)
  • 2 (second argument) = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (declension type)
  • irr = irregularities; the argument of irr is placed in a parenthetical comment after irregular (e.g., (irregular plural) if irr=plural)
  • f or fem = feminine form (if any); a second feminine form can be added as f2= or fem2=...
  • m or m = masculine form (if any); a second masculine form can be added as m2= or masc2=...
  • head = accented form of the headword