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This is a metatemplate. It is used to create other, language-specific, templates that simply generate headword-lines and categorizes them.

For users of language-specific templates[edit]


The template ({{en-phrase}}, {{fr-phrase}}, {{pt-phrase}}, etc.) should be added to all applicable entries.


All parameters are optional. Note that the first parameter may be unnamed (positional) or named.

Positional (unnamed) parameter:

  • |1= or |head= The text that should appear, if not {{PAGENAME}}.

Named parameters:

  • |sc= The script code of the entry, if applicable.
  • |sort= The sort key for Category:<language name> phrases


The code of a simple entry of an English phrase should look like the example below. (Additional information such as pronunciations, etymologies and multiple definitions are not presented here for the sake of simplicity, but they are always encouraged!)


{{en-phrase|[[foo]] [[bar]]}}

# Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

For creators of language-specific templates[edit]

The new template should be named Template:xx-phrase, where xx should be replaced by the language code.

Just copy any of the codes below, and adapt it. They are identical except for the language code.

Example of English template[edit]


Example of French template[edit]


Example of Portuguese template[edit]