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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:mul-numberchart. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template is designed for numerical symbol entries, such as 100.


The template takes many parameters, each coding for a number in a particular numerical system. The parameter names match the corresponding script codes, except for {{{latn}}} and {{{numb}}}, and they have no capital letters.

{{{arab}}} - Arabic numerals (Eastern)
{{{numb}}} - Arabic numerals (Western)
{{{beng}}} - Assamese numerals
{{{bali}}} - Balinese numerals
{{{beng}}} - Bengali numerals
{{{cakm}}} - Chakma numerals
{{{cham}}} - Cham numerals
{{{hant}}}, {{{hant2}}} - Chinese numerals
{{{deva}}} - Devanagari numerals
{{{egyp}}} - Egyptian numerals
{{{ethi}}} - Ethiopic numerals
{{{goth}}} - Gothic numerals
{{{grek}}} - Greek numerals
{{{gujr}}} - Gujurati numerals
{{{guru}}} - Gurmukhi numerals
{{{hebr}}} - Hebrew numerals
{{{java}}} - Javanese numerals
{{{knda}}} - Kannada numerals
{{{kali}}} - Kayah Li numerals
{{{khmr}}} - Khmer numerals
{{{sind}}} - Khudawadi numerals
{{{laoo}}} - Lao numerals
{{{lepc}}} - Lepcha numerals
{{{limb}}} - Limbu numerals
{{{mlym}}} - Malayalam numerals
{{{mtei}}} - Meitei numerals
{{{mong}}} - Mongolian numerals
{{{mymr}}} - Myanmar numerals
{{{nkoo}}} - N'Ko numerals
{{{olck}}} - Ol Chiki numerals
{{{xpeo}}} - Old Persian numerals
{{{orya}}} - Oriya numerals
{{{osma}}} - Osmanya numerals
{{{fa-arab}}} - Persian numerals
{{{latn}}} - Roman numerals
{{{saur}}} - Saurashtra numerals
{{{shrd}}} - Sharada numerals
{{{sinh}}}, {{{sinh2}}} - Sinhalese numerals
{{{sund}}} - Sundanese numerals
{{{takr}}} - Takri numerals
{{{taml}}} - Tamil numerals
{{{telu}}} - Telugu numerals
{{{thai}}} - Thai numerals
{{{tibt}}} - Tibetan numerals
{{{tirh}}} - Tirhuta numerals
{{{wara}}} - Warang Citi numerals