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This template generates a character table for various scripts.


This template should be added to all characters of the supported scripts, immediately following the Translingual L2 language header.


The template has an optional parameter.

width: Sets a width. If empty, the main value of 70% will be used.


All contents of mul-script are controlled by these templates.

Script Template Main purpose
- {{mul-script}} Redirection to specific script templates.
Braille {{mul-script/Brai}} Braille script display box.
{{mul-script/Brai/extensions}} Braille script eight-dot extensions.
{{mul-script/Brai/extensions/boiler}} Boilerplate for {{mul-script/Brai/extensions}}.
Hiragana {{mul-script/Hira}} Hiragana script display box.
{{mul-script/Hira/characters}} Hiragana script individual character information.
{{mul-script/Hira/characters/boiler}} Boilerplate for {{mul-script/Hira/characters}}.
Katakana {{mul-script/Kana}} Katakana script display box.
{{mul-script/Kana/characters}} Katakana script individual character information.
{{mul-script/Kana/characters/boiler}} Boilerplate for {{mul-script/Kana/characters}}.
Latin {{mul-script/Latn}} Latin script display box.
{{mul-script/Latn/groups}} Latin script groups of letters.
{{mul-script/Latn/letters}} Latin script variations of letters.
{{mul-script/Latn/letters/boiler}} Boilerplate for {{mul-script/Latn/letters}}.