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word of worda and worde


This template is used to list up the possible infinitive forms that the individual inflected forms can be derived from.

It takes up to 4 parameters, of which 2 are mandatory:

  • {{{1}}} - this one is mandatory and represents which form of the verb this is, e.g. present tense.
  • {{{2}}} - this is the last mandatory parameter and represents the stem of the infinitive pair, e.g. verj for the pair verja and verje.
  • {{{3}}} - this parameter is not mandatory and represents the stem of the second infinitive pair, if there is any. An example is legg for the pair legga and legge, which accompanies the pair leggja and leggje.
  • | no_end= - this argument is for infinitives that have no infinitive ending and thus do not come in pairs. An example is ta, which accompanies taka and take.