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This template is used to make boxes showing the conjugation of Old Norse strong verbs.


The template uses named and unnamed parameters, as described below.

class The class of the verb.
1 The present stem of the verb…
1a …with the -a or -u endings assimilated.
1i …with i-umlaut…
1ir …and assimilated -r.
1is …and assimilated -s. Defaults to 1s if itself is not used but 1s is used. If 1s is not used, defaults back to 1i.
1j …with -j- present.
1s …with assimilated -s.
1u …with u-umlaut. Defaults to 1j if itself is not used but 1j is used.
1u2 …with assimilated -u(-).
1v …with -v- present.
2 The singular past stem…
2g …with the final -g dropped off.
2s …with assimilated -s.
2t …with the second person -t ending.
3 The plural past stem…
3i …with i-umlaut.
3u …with assimilated -u(-).
3alt An alternative plural past stem…
3alti …with i-mutation.
4 The stem of the past participle. Defaults to 3 if not used.
4alt An alternative stem of the past participle.
title Used if the head name on the box should be something else than the pagename.


grípa (class 1) {{non-conj-strong|class=1|gríp|greip|grip}}

søkkva (class 3, -v- present) {{non-conj-strong|class=3|søkk|1v=søkkv|sǫkk|sukk|3i=sykk|sokk}}

biðja (class 5, -j- present) {{non-conj-strong|class=5|bið|1j=biðj|1s=biz|bað|2s=baz|2t=bat|báð|3i=bæð|beð}}