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This declension table is for Polish masculine inanimate nouns.

If the parameters are omitted, it will guess the correct place to split the word into the stem and ending, and will handle some common vowel elisions (e.g. -iec, -ek). The lemma is taken from the page title, but this can be overridden with the parameter |lemma=.



All parameters are optional.

  • First parameter: word stem in genitive singular form.
  • Second parameter: last consonant or cluster in genitive singular form.
  • Third parameter: genitive singular ending
    • Note that the first three parameters essentially split the genitive singular into three parts.
    • Use more than one consonant if the resulting cluster has palatalization in the locative singular; this includes sł, sm, sn, st, zd, zł, zm, zn.
    • Soft consonants in their i-form have to be treated as a cluster: bi, ci, dzi, ni, pi, si, wi, zi.
    • For word stems that differ between the nominative singular and other forms of the word, the latter form of the stem is to be used here (see fourth parameter below).
  • Fourth parameter: nominative singular form, useful for words where the stem differs between the nominative singular and other forms (e.g. stół/stoł-, dąb/dęb-, latawiec/latawc-)
  • Fifth parameter: alternate form of the genitive plural


  • dąb: {{pl-decl-noun-m-in|dę|b|u|dąb}}
  • balast: {{pl-decl-noun-m-in|bala|st|u}}
  • wypadek: {{pl-decl-noun-m-in|wypad|k|u|wypadek}}
  • piec: {{pl-decl-noun-m-in|pie|c|a}}