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This declension table is for Polish masculine personal nouns.

By default, the lemma is taken from the title of the current page, but this can be overridden with the parameter |lemma=. If parameters are omitted, it will automatically use the correct declension pattern based on the word ending:

  • Feminine-like declension in the singular when the noun ends in -a.
  • Adjectival declension when the noun ends in -y or -i.

For all other endings, the template will guess where to split the word into the stem and ending, and handle some common vowel elisions (-ek, -iec, etc.)



The parameters are as follows.

  • First parameter: word stem as used in the genitive singular form (optional)
  • Second parameter: last consonant or consonant cluster of the word (optional)
    • Use a cluster if it has irregular declension in the locative singular (e.g. palatalization of a consonant), such as sł, sm, sn, st, zd, zł, zm, zn. Otherwise use only the last consonant.
    • If the last consonant is soft, use its iotted version: ci, dzi, ni, si, zi instead of ć, dź, ń, ś, ź. This matches the form in the genitive singular.
  • Third parameter: nominative plural (optional)
  • Fourth parameter: nominative singular (optional). Used when the genitive singular stem passed as the first parameter is different from the nominative singular stem, such as bóg/bog-, mąż/męż-, krawiec/krawc--.
  • Fifth parameter: alternate form of the genitive plural (optional)


  • profesor: {{pl-decl-noun-m-pr|profeso|r|profesorowie}}
  • mąż: {{pl-decl-noun-m-pr|mę|ż|mężowie|mąż}}
  • krawiec: {{pl-decl-noun-m-pr|kraw|c|krawcy|krawiec}}
  • policjant: {{pl-decl-noun-m-pr|policjan|t}}