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pro-adj m (feminine singular pro-adja, masculine plural pro-adjs, feminine plural pro-adjas)


This template formats the head word (in bold) and the categories for Category:Old Provençal adjectives. When in inflection of the adjective is not known or uncertain, please use {{head|pro|adjective}}. It takes the following parameters:

  • 1 or f: the feminine singular
    Note, when 1=mf the adjective will be displayed as having identical masculine and feminine forms, both singular and plural
  • 2 or mp: the masculine plural
  • 3 or fp: the feminine plural
  • pl: the masculine and feminine plural; only works when 1=mf
  • head: the head word in bold. Default is {{PAGENAME}}
  • sort: the sort key for Category:Old Provençal adjectives. Default is {{PAGENAME}}

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