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ps-verb (transliteration needed)


  • tr = transliteration
  • prstem = present tense stem
    • prstemtr = transliteration of present tense stem

If the verb has different stems for past/present and imperfect/perfect

  • pr-impf = present imperfect stem
    • pr-impf-tr = transliteration of present imperfect stem
  • pr-perf = present perfect stem
    • pr-perf-tr = transliteration of present perfect stem
  • ps-perf = past perfect stem
    • ps-perf-tr = transliteration of past perfect stem

The past imperfect stem is equal to the infinitive, so its inclusion is not necessary. (However at some point, somewhere, a note must be made that the final ل (ë́l) is optional in all but the third-person plural masculine forms, except for in the third-person singular masculine where it is not used.)