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You can add this “invisible” cleanup template at the very top of an entry, to indicate that most or all definitions need examples, or after the “#” on definition lines to specifically identify ones that are troublesome. It will add the page to Category:Requests for example sentences, although that category will not be listed among the categories on the bottom of the entry’s page. Unlike most other cleanup tags, this tag should be removed immediately, when replaced with an example.

PLEASE do not add this template, unless it really is needed. Translators typically will use this only when an entry has been marked with {{rfc-trans}}, but are unable to figure out which is which. If this is used for simply all entries, it will quickly lose its usefulness.

Note: Remember that citations from printed sources are always preferred to contrived example sentences. Remember to check other dictionaries, to make sure your examples do not match theirs, or you could end up blocked for copyvios (even if you are a long-term contributor).