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{{{1}}}{{{3}}} ? (plural {{{1}}}{{{4}}})


This template is designed for use with regular Romani nouns.

{{{1}}} = root {{{2}}} = gender {{{3}}} = singular ending {{{4}}} = plural ending/suffix

Nouns ending in vowel[edit]

For nouns ending in vowel, set all the four parameters.

suno m (plural sune)
luludyi f (plural luludya)

Nouns ending in consonant[edit]

For nouns ending in consonant, leave the 3rd parameter empty.

anav m (plural anava)
jag f (plural jaga)

If the plural is identical to the singular form, leave the 4th parameter empty as well, e.g. on "dyes".

dyes m (plural dyes)