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A surname​.

Definition for surname entries.


  • parameter {1} is an adjective or qualifier
  • lang= language code or name
  • from= (usually language name not code) derived from
  • A= replacement for "A" (see below)
  • eq= equivalent surname in English, for use in foreign-language entries
  • dot= final punctuation
  • nodot=1 prevents the default punctuation


  1. A surname​.

(and categorizes in Category:English surnames)

  1. A patronymic surname​.

but note:

  1. An occupational surname​.

where the A= parameter is used to replace the "A".

Trailing punctuation is modified with dot=, dot=; or just dot= to suppress it:

{{surname|from=Latin|dot=,}} a form of [[Silvanus]].
  1. A surname​, a form of Silvanus.

lang and from are combined into a subcategory. Something such as:


is filed in a Category:Finnish surnames, but:


is filed in a Category:Finnish surnames from Finnish (which you may have to create, see the latter as a model how). Unlike lang, from is not a code but any string of text used verbatim. ("from=fi" would give Category:Finnish surnames from fi in error.)

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