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please add this translation if you can

Template created as a replacement of {{trreq}}. Use this template to request a missing translation. The unnamed parameter is the language code, see WT:List of languages. Entries are categorized into a category named Requests for translations into X, or Requests for translations of X usage examples if |usex=1.

New layout:

* French: {{t-needed|fr}}

Was previously:

* {{trreq|fr}}

If the language name is not recognized, use und as the code:

New layout:

* Verweggistanian: {{t-needed|und}}

Was previously:

* {{trreq|Verweggistanian}}


|1= (required)
The language code of the term needing translation. See Wiktionary:List of languages.
Use a request category for usage examples (see above and below):
The sort key for the page; rarely needs to be specified.
Disable categorization of this page.

This template adds the page to the following category (where LANG is the language whose code is specified using |1=):