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(This template should be used on pages in the Category: namespace.)

This template automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories whose name follows the format "(language code):(label)" and "(label)". It should be added to all supported categories.

The template is implemented by Module:category tree and its submodule Module:category tree/topic cat. For information on how to add new categories to the tree, or modify existing ones, see the latter module's documentation.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language that the category name begins with, and which the category's contents belongs to. Leave this empty for categories that do not start with a language code.
The label of the category. This is the part of the category name that follows the language code. It cannot be empty.
The script code (see Wiktionary:Scripts), if this is a script-specific subcategory. This is used for languages whose entries are categorised separately by script.