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This template formats the head word, categories, and other script spellings for Vietnamese entries. It is specifically designed for linking between scripts. While it can be used for all Vietnamese entries, when only one script is used it has minimal advantages over {{head}} or a written category.


Parameter Function Default value (if left unspecified)
head The head word in bold, if different from the page name, or to link to individual words. {{PAGENAME}}
sc The script; please use sc=Hani for Hán tự spellings Latn
1 The part of speech; the name of the category without the final s, for example {{vi-pos|noun|...}} for Category:Vietnamese nouns. Two exceptions; suffix and prefix default to suffixes and prefixes, in order to avoid suffixs and prefixs. None, mandatory
2 The other script form. Displays Hán tự spelling when sc is not given (default to Latn for the page name) and Latin spelling when sc is given (must not be Latin) None, optional