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Including this template on a page will add the sister-project box to the right.

Wikivoyage entries are usually travel guides for places, so this template should usually be placed immediately after the ===Noun=== line.

  1. {{wikivoyage}}
  2. {{wikivoyage|article}}
  3. {{wikivoyage|article|link title}}
  4. {{wikivoyage|lang=language code}}
  5. {{wikivoyage|article|lang=language code}}
  6. {{wikivoyage|article|link title|lang=language code}}
  7. {{wikivoyage|dab=disambiguation page}}
  8. {{wikivoyage|dab=disambiguation page|link title}}
  9. {{wikivoyage|article|link title|mul=second article}}
  10. {{wikivoyage|article|link title|mul=second article|mullabel=second link title}}
  11. {{wikivoyage|cat=category}}
  12. {{wikivoyage|cat=category|link title}}
  13. {{wikivoyage|cat=category|link title|mulcat=second category}}
  14. {{wikivoyage|cat=category|link title|mulcat=second category|mulcatlabel=second link title}}
  15. {{wikivoyage|portal=portal}}
  • All parameters are optional.
  • The value article defaults to the base page name.
  • The value link title defaults to article, disambiguation page, or category; second link title to second article or second category.
  • dab or disambiguation is used for links to disambiguation pages
  • cat or category is used for links to categories
  • mul inputs a second article; mullabel inputs a link title for a second article
  • mulcat inputs a second category; mulcatlabel inputs a link title for a second category
  • portal allows linking to portals
  • The language edition of the Wikivoyage can be specified as the named parameter lang. These use a two-letter code.