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which element[edit]

Is there a reason this uses font rather than span (which is more common and logically correct)? (A is even more logically correct, but causes problems in some browsers, IIRC.)—msh210 21:48, 11 February 2009 (UTC)


Is this instance of the anchor template actually used when using {{anchor|...}}? I was wondering because the HTML code generated from using anchor on a page within the Wiktionary does not match the one in the definition of the template here. Also, the encoding of the anchor tag is done using anchorencode without being stated in this definition. The following is an example of what we actually get when using {{anchor|...}}:

{{anchor|a ä}} → (produces) → <span id="a_.C3.A4"></span>

On the other hand, this definition of the template would rather be expected to produce <span id="a ä" ></span> as can be verified with Special:ExpandTemplates. I'm not familiar with the exact technicalities here, but if somehow {{anchor|...}} uses its own (proper) definition of the template anyway, I'd suggest removing the definition here: not only is it wrong, since it doesn't correctly encode non-HTML characters, it is also misleading since it is not being used after all. Sebastiantalk 06:33, 22 January 2010 (UTC)