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Test 1: Default[edit]

  • Call: {{en-noun}}
  • Expected: test (plural tests)

test (plural en-noun/tests)

Test 2: Sibilant[edit]

  • Call: {{en-noun|es}}
  • Expected: test (plural testes)

test (plural en-noun/testes)

Test 3: Stem change[edit]

  • Call: {{en-noun|dictionaries}}
  • Expected: test (plural dictionaries)

test (plural dictionaries)

Test 4: Irregular[edit]


  • Call: {{en-noun|mice}}
  • Expected: test (plural mice)

test (plural mice)

Test 5: Multiple plurals[edit]

test (plural en-noun/testes or octopi or octopodes)

Test 6: Uncountable[edit]

test (uncountable)

Test 7: Sometimes countable[edit]

test (countable and uncountable, plural en-noun/tests)