Cite with Reference Tooltips

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Apologies into thinking yours was anything other than a gadget.

I would prefer extensions simply because gadgets aren't consistent across wikis and are prone to breakage when the underlying HTML changes. What I wanted was to incorporate the HTML/CSS in your gadget into the reference tooltips in the Cite extension since it is closer to the reference design.

As for the WMF changes without consensus. This was not the case here. The reference tooltips in question was made long before any consensus was reached. The issue was timing with the release process made it look this way because code made months before wasn't set to default on until much later. :-( It is a sad issue that "informing the community" is different between information of this on MediaWiki (where it's been for ages) and the en wiki community.

Oh well, if it's enabled as a site-wide gadget I'm not going to cry about it. However, if you could work with User:Werdna at getting the Cite extension UI up-to-date that'd be nice-for the other wikis.

22:55, 14 May 2012