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This will be a bot operated by User:Ivan Štambuk. It is currently being developed, based on the DotNetWikiBot Framework and written in C# and F#, utilizing the MediaWiki API for all its functions.

Its primary function is to provide completely autonomous creation of Serbo-Croatian inflected forms.

Its other function is to verify consistency of existing Serbo-Croatian entries and report anomalies. In particular:

  • to report usage of obsoleted or generic (e.g. {{infl|sh}}) templates
  • to verify precise mirroring of Cyrillic and Latin script entries
  • to verify inflected forms against HJP & HEL databases, as well as its own internal heuristics
  • to verify that existing inflected forms reflect inflectional tables of lemma entries and vice versa

Bot will also be used for various trivial forms of editing of Serbo-Croatian sections. In particular

  • to generate morphological etymologies
  • to synch derived terms, related terms, and various *nyms
  • to generate missing pronunciations
  • to generate references

When run, the bot operates on the live XML dump of all the entries inside Category:Serbo-Croatian language. It can handle appending to existing SH entries, including cases with multiple and shared etymologies, multiple and shared pronunciations.