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I'm fairly new to this. Be nice to me.

There are a lot of people in the world who devote huge amounts of time to various Wiktionary projects. My goal is to make that effort go as far as possible.

I'm working on a number of 'bots to make things happen quicker. If you have any comments about the wisdom or otherwise of these, please add them to my talk page.

The Sub-editor 'bot[edit]

By expressing the Entry Layout Explained guidelines as a formal grammar, the Sub-editor 'bot will spot, and in many cases fix, articles which deviate. In the process, it will fix a number of inter-article links:

  1. If a plural or other inflected form is given, it will make sure that an article exists for this form.
  2. If article "A" has a reference to article "B" as a "see also", "synonym", "related term", "alternative spelling" etc, then the bot will ensure that B links to A in the same way.

If there are any other processes which you think should be automated in this way, feel free to suggest them.

The Webster 'bot[edit]

There are a lot of words in the copyright-expired 1913 edition of Webster which are not yet articles in Wiktionary. Even where we have articles, there is content in Webster (e.g. etymology and quotations) from which Wiktionary would benefit. The idea is to run a bot which brings in "missing" content (fully wikified, as far as possible), while leaving all existing wikt content intact. The bot is being written in a fairly general way, so that it may be used for other sources (or other languages) in the future.