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My name is Andrés Alvarez. I'm venezuelan. Although I'm a lawyer, I have a special interest in languages. I think I should have studied to become a translator instead. I've been focusing in the Spanish translations of English entries, and especially in Spanish regional words. I have also provided some English entries like "license plate" or "snow cone". Also some English regional terms, for instance, a British synonym for American English "slingshot" is "catapult". Some occasional contributions (and corrections) to French and Italian translations : french for "hitchhike" is "faire DE l'autostop", or "faire DU stop" (not to miss le partitif). Anyway I feel more comfortable with English, and working on Spanish regionalisms. Some of them are really funny and odd.

Last but not least, I been trying hard to adjust my contributions to the Wiktionary method : using italbrac, putting all translations in alphabetic order, and so on. But I still need some time, there's a lot to be done yet. Thank you for reading about me Andresalvarez 20:39, 1 May 2007 (UTC)