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An experiment.

This a test for a version of Template:es-noun-mf which uses lots
of ifs for a simpler output format when forms are the same.

Usage is the same as es-noun-mf, except:
  * Feminine forms which are not specified are assumed to be
    same as the masculine
  * A new parameter, pl, for when m and f
    plurals are the same.  Parameters masculine plural
    and feminine plural still exist.
  * You can specify m= to use instead of PAGENAME.
  * You can specify f= instead of feminine=.
  * You can specify mpl= instead of masculine plural=.
  * You can specify fpl= instead of feminine plural=.

Yes, this template source is rather long.

Andyluciano/template-test mf (plural Andyluciano/template-tests)

Singular Plural
Masculine Andyluciano/template-test Andyluciano/template-tests
Feminine Andyluciano/template-test Andyluciano/template-tests