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My main home page is here. Why have two homepages?

Transwikified articles[edit]

Well, now that I'm starting to transwiki articles from Wikipedia:Votes for deletion, I might as well list them here. They'll be marked in some way (haven't decided) when I clean them up. (Need to learn how first.)

  1. Ambulatory
  2. Divulge
  3. Transwiki:Suhag
  4. Transwiki:Fetter
  5. Transwiki:Whelan

And when I start creating new entries, I'll list them here.

Definitions to revise (maybe)[edit]

  • Dump: what about the computer science sense (i.e. memory dump, core dump, database dump?)

Wiktionary links[edit]

  1. Index:English: newly created entries should be listed here (the index pages themselves need splitting.)
  2. Wiktionary:Template: what every article should look like.
  3. Wikipedia:ISO 639: ISO 639 language codes for use in the "translation" portion of each article.
  4. Wiktionary:Transwiki log: All transwikified dicdefs from other MediaWiki projects should be recorded here.

Other useful links[edit]

  1. Phrase book: needs promotion, expansion, and prominence; it is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating features of this dictionary.