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There is an irc channel that administrators can watch: #cvn-wt-en on the server it contains... one good feature is that, unlike #en.wiktionary on, bot edits do not appear there. I think there's some other features.

There is some other channel for discussion of countervandalism I think (but maybe I'm wrong about that). There is #countervandalism but that seems to be for coordinating efforts rather than dicussion of specific issues (based on the last few days of being in there).

Autpatrolling... (put some useful crap in here) Here's a pointer: Help:Patrolled_edits

There is some informal policy about when users get blocked. I wonder what it is, and if it's different for anon IPs vs registered users. Here's the Wiktionary:Blocking policy. We have a draft policy about dealing with vandals. Really urgent cases can get reported here but this is for ongoing vandalism, not for an isolated act.

There are supposed to be some preferences someplace. In WT:PREFS at the bottom there are the following:

Sysop-only functions:

  • Replace text in deletion log comment
  • Patrolling enhancements
  • Patrol in "expert mode" with no alerts
  • Refresh Special:Recentchanges every 5 minutes
  • Disable the "IRC" link to the right of "log out"

I wonder what any of these are. "Patrolling enhancements" is certainly vague.

Oh yay, a pointer to Help:Sysop tools.

The rollback feature is supposed to allow you to revert a block of edits from one user all at once... rather than having to do them one at a time if they conflict between each other (as the Undo feature would allow). Apparently there is no time limit on the edits (they can be spread out over months) :-)

Here's a list of tasks they want people to sign up for: Wiktionary:Administrators/Dishwashing