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Header control table for AutoFormat

Each table line is a header recognized by the bot code.

  • Header is the canonical format
  • level is the minimum level it should occur, POS headers for example are 3, even though they occur at 4 when in a numbered etymology section
  • NS flags headers that are non-standard but recognized, the presence or absence of NS here is not policy.
  • POS flags headers of POS sections, even if non-standard (e.g. Transitive verb)
  • variants and errors list forms and misspellings that should be corrected to this header. It is not necessary to list variants that differ only by +s or -s at the end. These must all be in lower case, separated by commas, the bot matches to lower case.
  • variants by +s or -s are recognized for standard headers, not those with NS (for example, we have Idiom and Idioms, Idioms must have NS set, and be listed after Idiom!)
  • the order of these tables doesn't matter to the bot s/w (but see previous comment), it is roughly the common POS first, the other L3 headers, then the standard L4 headers, with some logical grouping
  • note that the lines the bot is to read must start with exactly "| " and have all 5 columns separated by exactly "||"

The bot will do a fuzzy match to all variants if there is no exact match in the table, so most one and two off misspellings will be corrected. For example: "Derivated terms" will match "derivate terms" and be corrected to "Derived terms".

Mostly standard POS

Header level NS POS variants and errors
Noun 3 POS
Noun form 3 NS POS
Noun phrase 3 NS POS phrasal noun
Verb 3 POS
Verb form 3 NS POS
Verb phrase 3 NS POS phrasal verb
Transitive verb 3 NS POS verb transitive
Intransitive verb 3 NS POS verb intransitive
Adjective 3 POS proper adjective
Adjective form 3 NS POS
Adjective phrase 3 NS POS phrasal adjective
Adverb 3 POS
Adverb phrase 3 NS POS adverbial phrase, phrasal adverb
Pronoun 3 POS
Conjunction 3 POS
Contraction 3 POS
Circumposition 3 POS
Interjection 3 POS
Preposition 3 POS
Prepositional phrase 3 POS
Proper noun 3 POS proper name
Article 3 POS
Prefix 3 POS
Suffix 3 POS
Infix 3 POS
Affix 3 POS
Idiom 3 POS
Phrase 3 POS
Acronym 3 POS
Abbreviation 3 POS
Initialism 3 POS
Symbol 3 POS
Punctuation mark 3 POS punctuation
Diacritical mark 3 POS
Letter 3 POS
Ligature 3 NS POS
Number 3 POS
Numeral 3 POS
Ordinal number 3 POS
Ordinal numeral 3 POS
Cardinal number 3 POS
Cardinal numeral 3 POS

Language specific or non-English POS

and some other non-standard cruft, like expression which has to be here because expressions is

Header level NS POS variants and errors
Particle 3 POS
Proverb 3 POS
Han character 3 POS chu nom, chữ nôm, hán tử, han tu
Kanji 3 POS
Hanzi 3 POS
Hanja 3 POS
Syllable 3 POS
Katakana character 3 POS
Hiragana letter 3 POS
Hiragana character 3 POS
Correlative 3 POS
Counter 3 POS
Classifier 3 POS
Adnominal 3 NS POS
Determiner 3 NS POS
Expression 3 NS POS
Postposition 3 NS POS
Root 3 POS
Participle 3 NS POS
Gerund 3 NS POS
Romanization 3 POS Romanisation
Adjectival noun 3 POS
Verbal noun 3 POS
Predicative 3 POS
Correlative 3 POS

other L3 things

"Etymology n" for any n 1 to 24 gets special treatment in the code, introducing a section nested one level deeper.

Header level NS POS variants and errors
Alternative forms 3 forms and variants, other forms, alternative spellings, alternate spelling, other spellings, variants, variant forms
Etymology 3 word history, origin
Pronunciation 3 pronounciation
Production 3
Pronunciation 1 3 NS
Pronunciation 2 3 NS
Pronunciation 3 3 NS
Pronunciation 4 3 NS
Pronunciation 5 3 NS
Pronunciation 6 3 NS
Pronunciation 7 3 NS
Pronunciation 8 3 NS
Pronunciation 9 3 NS
Production 1 3 NS
Production 2 3 NS
Production 3 3 NS
Production 4 3 NS
Anagrams 3
Statistics 3
Trivia 3
Mutation 3 mutations

level 4/3 headers

These are headers that must be at L4 (Synonyms, Translations) and headers that are used at L4 or at L3 (even though shown in WT:ELE only at L4). These levels are in the case without numbered etymologies, level adjustments for that are in the code.

Header level NS POS variants and errors
Usage notes 3 notes
Synonyms 4
Antonyms 4
Translations 4
Related terms 4/3 related words, related forms
Derived terms 4/3 derived words, derived forms, derivate terms, compound terms, derived, derived forms and compounds, derivations, derivatives
Descendants 4/3 descendents
References 3
External links 3
See also 3 also see
Quotations 3 citations
Compounds 4 compund
Conjugation 4
Declension 4 gender forms, gender and number forms
Inflection 4
Readings 4
Idioms 4/3 NS
Phrases 4/3 NS
Expressions 4/3 NS
Proverbs 4/3 NS
Abbreviations 4/3 NS
Hypernyms 4
Hyponyms 4
Meronyms 4
Homonyms 4
Holonyms 4
Troponyms 4
Coordinate terms 4
Forms 4

WT:ELE list of other L4 headers: Antonyms, Hypernyms, Hyponyms, Meronyms, Holonyms, Troponyms, Coordinate terms, See also.

Other headers

Of varying status, but recognized, rather than automatically flagged with rfc.

Examples are Homophones, proposed for Pronunciation sections; Devanagari spellings, used a lot, but should be fixed (probably by some other bot) to Alternative forms.

Mostly these should be "level 3" and NS, so that other checks are disabled.

Some might be POS, if POS processing is still a good idea (probably not).

Prenoun and Preverb are used for Ojibwe, need standardizing.

Classifier is used in Thai, probably should be Counter

Verb xx for xx = I to XI are used in Arabic, need to be changed to Verb with the form indicated on the inflection line, as in all other languages.

Header level NS POS variants and errors
Hyphenation 4 NS
Devanagari spelling 3 NS
Urdu spelling 3 NS
Cyrillic spelling 3 NS
Roman spelling 3 NS latin/roman spelling
Romaji 3 NS POS
Hiragana 3 NS POS
Cmavo 3 POS
Gismu 3 POS
Rafsi 3 POS
Brivla 3 POS
Prenoun 3 NS POS
Preverb 3 NS POS
Participles 4 NS
Infinitives 4 NS
Scientific names 4 NS
Kanji reading 3 NS
On-reading of: 4 NS
Kun-reading of: 4 NS
Shorthand 3
Hanja homophones 4 NS
Hanja reading 3 NS
Jyutping 3
Names in other languages 3 NS
Variants and pet forms 3 NS
Construction 4 NS
Adverbial participle 3 NS POS
Coverb 3 NS POS
Circumfix 3 NS POS
Interfix 3 NS POS
Derived characters 4 NS
Related characters 4 NS