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reporter's note reporter's notes

-azzi astrologamage cord cutting cum drunk cumdrunk flex-cuff gray literature hot mic metatopic

dadihu diyingehu diyinruan hyperbass

    • 2002, Peter Francis Browne, Short walks in Shangri-La, p. 102:
      Its only disadvantage is footstink, but imagining a bowl of shredded Parmesan on the table neutralises any inclination to throw up.




character state A changeable attribute of a character; the state that a character is in. The most basic character state is either absent or present.

derived characteristic An evolutionarily advanced character state (synonym of apomorph)

directional selection An incidence of natural selection where species survive by evolving new characters or modifying old characters.

exclusive anchor taxon An anchor taxon not included in the taxon being defined.

inclusive anchor taxon An anchor taxon included in the taxon being defined.