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I am a Purdue Graduate of 1959 -- in about 1978 I edited a "power Cable Dictionary" while working at Anaconda Wire & Cable in the R&D Dept-- ~1500 terms -- AWC printed it, I drew my normal salary -- I also edited "Cable Installation Manual" which has been the guideline for installations in nuclear power plants -- I helped write the 1974 NEC, worked with UL, in fact, had a job offer from them in 1983. I was a member of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers for about 30y, Railroad Engineering, International Association of Electrical Inspectors. I reached Senior Membership in IEEE. I am also strong in manufacturing plant engineering of buildings | facilities | equipment installation. I am a collector of facts for construction & engineering.

I intend to add several terms, correct or expand others -- abet without all the frills -- I think that having the definitions is important. Sorry, after 30 years, I do not have the source of the definitions in my dictionary. And, I am a poor speller!

Since I am 73y/o [2006], I think it to be important for Wiktionary to pick my brain -- ?? I have some 2970+ posts at

I have owned a pc since 1978 = by Ohio Scientific $10k = two 8" floppies, probably 4k RAM, 4kHz cpu -- am now learning WinXP, while setting up computer for youngest Daughter & Grandson. I use dialup = cheap!