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Hello, I am CorsicanWarrah. I will give you the following information about myself:

  • I am neither Corsican nor a warrah.
  • I was born in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • I am between the ages of 5 and 99.
  • I am female.
  • I can speak English and Vietnamese fairly fluently. I also have some knowledge of Mandarin, being able to read Mandarin at a primary-school level (more complex texts may require Pinyin).
  • I can write in English, Vietnamese, and a bit of Chinese.
zh-1 該用戶能以基本中文進行交流。
en-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
vi Thành viên này sử dụng tiếng Việt như ngôn ngữ mẹ đẻ.
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Created pages


I have created quite a few pages, so I can't be bothered to list all of them here. I have created some entries on Chinese and Vietnamese words, mostly relating to animals.

I am now aiming to eliminate as much of the Chinese character entries with seperate entries for Mandarin and Cantonese as possible: I will combine those entries under one "Chinese" section. This is currently under somewhat of a hiatus. I am working on cleaning up the Malagasy entries, adding etymologies + pronunciation, and categorising. Despite not speaking a word of Malagasy.