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Set phrases, some of them possibly SoP:

  • argue semantics - to nitpick about words
  • as it were
  • benefit in kind = benefit + in kind
  • fall into disarray, lapse into disarray
  • hard pill to swallow, bitter pill to swallow
  • admission of mistake
  • to begin with
  • shut the fuck up, shut the hell up, shut the bloody hell up
  • ceteris paribus, other things being equal, all else being equal, all else the same
    • "If I know from the diary that I used to believe P, then all else being equal, this gives me a reason now to believe P."[1]
    • "As a firm's cost falls, it is willing to supply more, all else the same."
  • choice-worthy
    • This point, however, must be left for future investigation: for the present we define that to be self-sufficient "which taken alone makes life choice-worthy, and to be in want of nothing;" now of such kind we think Happiness to be: and further, to be most choice-worthy of all things; not being reckoned with any other thing, for if it were so reckoned, it is plain we must then allow it, with the addition of ever so small a good, to be more choice-worthy than it was before: because what is put to it becomes an addition of so much more good, and of goods the greater is ever the more choice-worthy.[2]
  • "I rest my case"; see WP
  • catch-all term
  • to call bullshit on -- To express doubts about the veracity of a claim; make a sceptical challenge (to something or someone).
  • to call foul on
  • to that end - For that reason, with that goal, intending to produce that result. "To that end, we are going to remove all of the banners from our website."
  • to this end - To achieve the previously specified goal. "To this end, I have started the 'Save the Penguins Fund.'"

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