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Browse by script in Unicode order[edit]

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Based on "Mapping of Unicode characters" at Wikipedia.

Browse by script name[edit]

Scripts are listed in alphabetical order. See below for a list by language name.







  • ................


Browse by language name[edit]

Scripts at[edit]

Based on The Unicode Character Code Charts By Script. Note that the Unicode character ranges are for entire blocks, not just the alphabets.

Punctuation and other symbols at[edit]

Based on Code Charts for Symbols and Punctuation.

  • Punctuation
    • General Punctuation
      • U0000.pdf ASCII Punctuation
      • U0080.pdf Latin-1 Punctuation
      • U2000.pdf General Punctuation
      • U2E00.pdf Supplemental Punctuation
    • CJK Punctuation
      • U3000.pdf CJK Punctuation
      • UFF00.pdf Fullwidth ASCII Punctuation
      • UFE10.pdf Vertical Forms
  • Enclosed and Square
    • U2460.pdf Enclosed Alphanumerics
    • U3200.pdf .... CJK Letters and Months
    • U3300.pdf CJK Compatibility
    • See also: Letterlike Symbols
  • Combining Diacritical Marks
    • U0300.pdf Combining Diacritical Marks
    • U20D0.pdf .... for Symbols
    • U1DC0.pdf .... Supplement
    • UFE20.pdf Combining Half Marks
  • Phonetic Symbols
    • U0250.pdf IPA Extensions
    • U1D00.pdf Phonetic Extensions
    • U1D80.pdf Phonetic Extensions Supplement
    • UA700.pdf Modifier Tone Letters
    • U02B0.pdf Spacing Modifier Letters
    • See also: Super and Subscript
  • Mathematical Symbols
    • Numbers and Digits
      • U0000.pdf ASCII Digits
      • UFF00.pdf Fullwidth ASCII Digits
      • U2150.pdf Number Forms
      • U2070.pdf Super and Subscripts
      • See also: specific scripts
    • Letterlike Symbols
      • U2100.pdf Letterlike Symbols
      • U1D400.pdf Math Alphanumeric Symbols
    • Arrows and Operators
      • U2190.pdf Arrows
      • U2200.pdf Mathematical Operators
      • U2A00.pdf Suppl. Math Operators
      • U27C0.pdf Misc. Math Symbols A
      • U2980.pdf Misc. Math Symbols B
      • U27F0.pdf Supplemental Arrows A
      • U2900.pdf Supplemental Arrows B
      • U2B00.pdf Misc. Symbols and Arrows
    • Geometrical Symbols
      • U25A0.pdf Geometrical Shapes
      • U2500.pdf Box Drawing
      • U2580.pdf Block Elements
    • Technical Symbols
      • U2400.pdf Control Pictures
      • U2300.pdf Miscellaneous Technical
      • U2440.pdf OCR
  • Symbols
    • Miscellaneous Symbols
      • U2700.pdf Dingbats
      • U2600.pdf Miscellaneous Symbols
      • U1D300.pdf Tai Xuan Jing Symbols
      • U4DC0.pdf Yijing Hexagrams
      • U2800.pdf Braille Patterns
    • Musical Notation
      • U1D200.pdf Ancient Greek Musical...
      • U1D000.pdf Byzantine Musical Symbols
      • U1D100.pdf Western Musical Symbols
    • Currency Symbols
      • U0000.pdf Dollar Sign
      • U0080.pdf Yen, Pound and Cent
      • U20A0.pdf Currency Symbols
      • UFF00.pdf Fullwidth Currency Symbols
      • U2100.pdf Mark and...
      • U20A0.pdf Pfennig (historic)
      • UFB50.pdf Rial Sign
      • See also: specific scripts
  • Specials
    • Controls:
    • U0000.pdf C0
    • U0080.pdf C1
    • U2000.pdf Layout Controls
    • U2000.pdf Invisible Operators
    • UFFF0.pdf Specials
    • UE0000.pdf Tags
    • UFE00.pdf Variation Selectors
    • UE0100.pdf Variation Selectors Supplement
  • Private Use
    • UE000.pdf Private Use Area
    • UF0000.pdf Suppl. Private Use Area A
    • U100000.pdf Suppl. Private Use Area B
  • Surrogates
    • UD800.pdf High Surrogates
    • High Private Use Surrogates
    • UDC00.pdf Low Surrogates
  • Noncharacters in Charts
    • UFB50.pdf Reserved range
    • UFFF0.pdf At End of BMP
    • U1FF80.pdf At End of Plane 1
    • U2FF80.pdf At End of Plane 2
    • U3FF80.pdf At End of Plane 3
    • U4FF80.pdf At End of Plane 4
    • U5FF80.pdf At End of Plane 5
    • U6FF80.pdf At End of Plane 6
    • U7FF80.pdf At End of Plane 7
    • U8FF80.pdf At End of Plane 8
    • U9FF80.pdf At End of Plane 9
    • UAFF80.pdf At End of Plane 10
    • UBFF80.pdf At End of Plane 11
    • UCFF80.pdf At End of Plane 12
    • UDFF80.pdf At End of Plane 13
    • UEFF80.pdf At End of Plane 14
    • UFFF80.pdf At End of Plane 15
    • U10FF80.pdf At End of Plane 16

Most common writing systems[edit]

Rough estimate of the most common scripts, based on data at List of languages by number of native speakers crossreferenced with scripts listed at List of languages by writing system:

  • Latin, Chinese, Devanagari, Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean

Others that are common on the internet, according to Languages on the Internet (again, based on speakers, not scripts):

  • Thai, Hebrew, Greek

List of scripts in Gentoo Character Map[edit]

Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bopomofo (Zhuyin), Braille, Buhid, Canadian Aboriginal, Cherokee, Common, Cypriot, Cyrillic, Deseret, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Georgian, Gothic, Greek, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Han, Hangul, Hanunoo, Hebrew, Hiragana, Inherited, Kannada, Katakana, Khmer, Lao, Latin, Limbu, Linear B, Malayalam, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Ogham, Old Italic, Oriya, Osmanya, Runic, Shavian, Sinhala, Syriac, Tagalog, Tagbanwa, Tai Le, Tamil, Telugu, Thaana, Thai, Tibetan, Ugaritic, Yi

See also[edit]