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Hello, I used to be called Dmcdevit; sorry for the confusion. I am an administrator here. Feel free to ask me for help. I am also active on the English Wikipedia, see w:User:Dominic.

You can click on the "E-mail this user" button to talk to me privately. For a real time conversation, I can generally be found on IRC lurking in #wiktionary, #wikimedia, #wikipedia-en-admins, ##wikipedia-kingdom-of-chile, and #wikipedia as Dmcdevit, or for private communication, type /msg Dmcdevit followed by your message.


  • I am an administrator on the English Wikipedia, where:
  • I help respond to the wikt-en-info and info-en queues OTRS.

You might find out more on my Wikipedia user page.

Please let me know if I ever do anything wrong, or if there's somewhere I can help.

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