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Hey, I am Elvesflame! I got my name from the name recommendations in RuneScape way back when, so no linguistic fun there. In fact, you may find my name makes no sense when actually putting it under scrutiny.

Anyway, I'm an aspiring linguist who is primarily self-educated. I was born and raised in East Tennessee in the United States, so I am a native speaker of English, particularly the Appalachian dialect. I've also lived in Germany for a time, being influenced by the East Franconian dialect by my German teacher and by the Southern Hessian dialect due to where I lived.

My primary interests are etymology and conlanging. In particular, I am working on a project of documenting Old West Norse in order to evolve it into a posteriori conlangs for a fantasy book I plan to write based on the question of what happens after Ragnarök.

This Old Norse documentation is mostly complete, with only the endless task of filling the dictionary and documenting given names remaining. I'll share it here, but please note that this is not an academic pursuit; I am not formally educated in linguistics and did not follow the academic scrutiny I would've for an academic project. If you have any suggestions or questions about this, please message me as I would be glad to speak to you.

You may also find me on these other platforms...