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'Wesc' originates from the acronym from Luca Master's Worms team consisting of four team members:

  • Well I Never!!!
  • Epsalt the Dippy
  • Some-One Else
  • Chemical Burn

Interestingly, these four names were typically all upper-case, however the acronym 'Wesc' has always been capitalised as an ordinary proper noun.

'General' refers to the fact that it is essentially Luca Masters, the leader of the team of worms.

Use of the name 'General Wesc' probably began in late 1998, replacing the pseudonym 'Some-One Else'. Usenet posts using the name date to midnight, December 12, 1998.

Though still in common use, over the past couple years the name has slowly been replaced to some extent by the proper noun 'Luca Masters' or the initials 'LKBM' (Luca Kaceem Butler Masters).

Proper noun[edit]

General Wesc

  1. The pseudonym of one Luca Kaceem Butler Masters.

Alternate spellings[edit]

  • Rarely seen using other ranks (Private, Commander).
  • Appears as 'General Wesk' in a very small number of instances.