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Another amateur linguist. Mostly good at doing Wiktionary entries for proper names and foreign language words in a translative capacity. I have an autism-related communications handicap that makes it more difficult for me to do English Wiktionary entries that require clarity in layman's terms.

I occasionally indulge in user page projects. They are always informal and not intended to be used as an accredited reference. In the past I have made many projects that have been incomplete and abandoned, or gone stale and no longer reflect the kind of academic quality I would expect from myself, and I have since wiped many of them.

English misspellings[edit]

I find misspellings fascinating, because they are a cultural lens into word association. Here are some I've contributed to Wiktionary:

Here is a list of misspellings I did not add, but kinda wish I had; usually this is because I thought of the misspelling, then found someone else had already added its misspelling entry to Wiktionary: