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Hey!! what's up? I like etymology and dislike deprecated templates. I'm highly mediocre at Spanish (I can write in it pretty well but probably couldn't have a conversation with a native speaker). One of my goals is to learn an really uncommon language, like Samoan or something. Feel free to talk to me on my talk page if you have anything to say, or just want to talk.

Here are my contributions, if you wanna look I guess. currently I'm in the middle of getting rid of all the etyls. I've actually made some progress — i finished all the etyls in the hyphen section of this category!!! which isn't a lot, but it's something.

I also think we should merge Category:English pejoratives and Category:English derogatory terms since we've never defined a difference between them (as far as I know).

I have a large to-do list which I should put here but haven't gotten around to it yet. REMINDER TO ADD TO-DO LIST

Globins 18:44, 16 September 2018 (UTC)

Things to do[edit]

look at my organized user page wowie

Remove etyls[edit]

I'd really like some help with this. there are I think 10000+ pages that have etyls and I don't really want to do them all myself

Add Gamelan-Related Entries[edit]

Gamelan is a Javanese percussion ensemble thingy that I randomly found out about a while ago. I was trying to read some Wikipedia pages about it but discovered that many of them are literally incomprehensible unless you're a gamelan expert, which unfortunately I am not (yet‽). What sucks is that we have very few entries for gamelan terms, so it's not any more possible to understand those 85%-Javanese wikipedia pages.

Update Appendix:Glossary[edit]

The glossary is missing a TON of stuff, such as:

  • names of many verb cases (especially Finnish ones)
  • affix, suffix, and prefix (???)
  • subject
  • pronoun
  • many others
  • not infix for whatever reason).

It badly needs an update, so if you're looking for stuff to do you can work on that, but I'll probably end up doing it myself at some point if no one else does.