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Uh, Gavin's not here, man. But he is here

Favourite (Favorite) Words of Mine[edit]

Auf Deutsch-In German[edit]

  • verloren -v. lost, pp. of verlieren
  • Tischdame-n. Lap dancer. Literally, "table lady".
  • tötlich -adj. deadly
  • Soundgarden -n. not a German word, but the name of a grunge rock band. But is made up of several German words: so-und-gar-den.

En français-In French[edit]

  • tua -v. killed (passé simple, third person singular) - because it doesn't look French.
  • donna -v. gave (passé simple, third person singular)
  • valse -n. waltz
  • je ne sais quoi - n. I-know-not-what. Sometimes je na sais quoi or je n'sais quoi.
  • hibou - n. owl

En español-In Spanish[edit]

  • hecatombe -n. disaster
  • huelga -n. a strike
  • juerga -n. party