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I am born 1937 in Hamburg, Germany. I devote my time in particular to the assumed homeland and migrations of the Indo-Europeans and their Indogermanic language.

This includes Historical Linguistics with emphasis on "Indo-European". In this field I have published "Swadesh lists of Albanian revisited and consequences for its position in the Indo-European languages". In: The Journal of Indo-European Studies, Volume 39, Number 1 & 2. Spring/Summer 2011. Additionally I contributed to lexicostatistical and biosystematic methods in the reconstruction of genealogical relationship of languages (including glottochronology). For details, please see my hompage In that pursue I edited in wikipedia the final edition of Morris Swadesh's "universal test list", along with his clarifications.

Also with the aim of Indo-European migrations, I work on the prehistory of Europe, including the archaeo-climatic influences, where I edited some articles in the (Laacher-See-Eruption, Atlantikum, Ötzi, Hamburger Gruppe, "Before Present", u.v.a.). My publication in this field comprises (regrettably in German only) (2011): Archäoklimatologie des Holozäns: Ein durchgreifender Vergleich der "Wuchshomogenität" mit der Sonnenaktivität und anderen Klimaanzeigern ("Proxies"). In: Archäologisches Korrespondenzblatt 41-1:119-132. Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, Mainz.

For the de. wiki I created new articles for

  • Esero-Kultur.
  • Usatovo-Kultur.