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Just like many other languages, Swedish uses prepositions and adverbs in conjunction with verbs either to alter their meaning, or because they simply are required. There is however no standardised or sustainable way of representing this for Swedish verbs, which I regard as an obstacle to making the Swedish part of English Wiktionary fully usable. Naturally, it is hard to find a solution that makes sense in every case, but I do think it is possible to improve today's situation.

The issue mainly consists in two problems:

  1. Phrasal verbs. In Swedish, a huge amount of verbs are formed by adding a preposition or an adverb to a verb. Examples include tycka ("to think"), tycka om ("to like"), hoppa ("to jump"), hoppa till ("to startle"). Confer English "come", "come off", "come by" etc. (Section to be elaborated)
  2. Prepositional objects. Just like English, Swedish requires different prepositions for different verbs. (Section to be elaborated)

I really don't have a clear picture of how I want it to work, so I'm grateful for every input on the matter. Together we might be able to come up with something clever :-) I think the most productive way of proceeding is to simply create some sandbox entries with all this information included, and see what works and what doesn't. Below are some attempts: